Charm – Annie

Well, finished another one and I have two more sketches on the way that I just need to finish up. I’m really excited with how fast these sketches have been coming out.

Either way, here’s Annie, the Dark Child. I have to say that while I am not in love with Annie’s model, I adore her character design. The creepy, evil little girl who can nuke you to death has always been appealing. However, if given the choice I would prefer another mage as Annie, I feel, does not scale well during the game. True, she definitely packs that punch early game but I always try to go for characters that scale better, because when push comes to shove and its that 70 minute game, that’s when it counts.

However, I absolutely adore Annie. She’s a very good starting character and I always suggest her to a lot of friends starting out, she’s a lot of fun in concept and spells, not to mention it allows you to master combos and one of the easiest in the game, as well as timing her stuns and learning how to last hit with her Q. Overall, she’s a great character.

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Charm – Nunu

So I typically play tanks for more reason than one. First off, rarely do people play tanks and they’re necessary for any good team comp. Second off, I love it, especially jungling tanks. True, you may not get all the guts and glory, but tanks can certainly help get that carry fed and if controlling the jungle properly, get the money they wouldn’t get otherwise (since last hitting is a bitch with most tanks), keep the other team on their toes for ganks and with the right counter jungling, completely decimate the other team’s jungler. Sure, rushing in and taking one for the team isn’t the best thing in the world, but hey, if you die and your team scores an ace and the rest of your teammates are alive, that’s considered a win in my book.

Nunu is one of the best junglers as well as counter junglers out there. He is always at full health pretty much once he hits level three and because of his jungling speed, he can not only steal camps from other junglers, but if he does encounter another jungler he can almost guarantee to kill them at lower levels with ice ball and a few auto attacks considering the amount of health most junglers run around with. With his abilities he does not need smite, but I typically do run with it to make his jungling that much faster and this allows for a dragon take down at level 4-5. He does not need to (unlike other junglers) start off with cloth armor and health pots, instead I typically start with sapphire crystal and two pots to build into RoA or Banshee’s depending on the game and Golem at level one to pick up the pace with jungling with the lowered cooldown on his consume.

Regardless, here is Nunu, one of my mains. He’s considered very UP and though I believe his consume could use some kind of buff for team fights, I think he is an all around solid character. His ult is extremely hard to pull off which frustrates a lot of people, but honestly so many ults are similar–Katarina, Twitch, etc. etc. one knock up, silence, taunt and its over. As a tank however, his ult is more efficient in different situations other than straight damage that many do not realize. Think of it as a Galio taunt that instead of lasting only three seconds for auto attack taunting, the entire other team wastes ALL their CC on you. Then your job as a tank to protect your carry is pretty much generally secured. Or just wait until their CC’s are all gone, then the other team must waste flash / cleanse / ghost to get out of the way. Another way to pull off his ult though it takes a lot more coordination is to run into a bush and ult, especially at low health the other team will rush in there to kill you not realizing they are rushing into their death until it is too late (other situations could be synergizing his ult with another’s like Amumu, Galio, Sona, can completely decimate a team as well if you plan it together. CIRCLE OF DEATH).

Yes, Nunu’s ult is very hard to pull off, however once it is used properly it is THAT much more satisfying. Nunu’s difficulty may be at “easy” but I think to be effective with him properly it does actually take a lot of work. For those who complain it is hard to pull off, honestly, I am glad. League of Legends definitely does need those characters that are a whole lot more than SPIN TO WIN (not saying that is all to Garen though haha). Nunu is a lot about timing and blood boiling that fed Yi on your team to an unstoppable level.

Now that my rant is over, I can’t seem to decide whether or not I LIKE the colors on this one so I guess I will mull it over and see if anyone has anything to say on it.

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Charm Idea – Soraka

So this is an idea I had awhile ago but it will certainly take me awhile. I recently found a place that can print out laser printed hard plastic laminated charms for relatively cheap. I’ve made a lot of charms in the past for cell phones, backpacks and such, because it is the best way to make a lot of different designs of one subject matter and still be able to sell a lot of them, as opposed to prints or a poster. From my past experience, prints typically do not sell as well because to the average convention goer, they want something they can have every day use for as opposed to put something in their notebook. In the past, I have done sets of Nintendo characters as well as all the Disney Princesses. Though it will certainly take me awhile (as there are more characters than all the designs I have done in the past) I intend to make League of Legends ones with all of the champions. As much as I love the champions that are released every two weeks, haha, it will certainly make things take a little bit longer.

It is a project I am excited for, though., The quality will be a lot higher, but certainly the production cost as well. In the past I sold charms for about one dollar each because production cost me about ten cents, but because of the production cost I am thinking of selling them for about $5-7 dollars each. They would be printed an inch tall to an inch and a half tall. So we’ll see just how many of these I can get through and if the idea actually picks up. Even if it isn’t something that I can make money off of, it’ll still be a long and interesting project that will cause me to challenge my art to conform them all into one simplified style from Cho’gath to Teemo to Tryndamere.

So the first of my designs is Soraka. (See she can be cute). Maybe not as busty as the other ladies in the League, but I have always been intrigued by her design. My only qualm about it is I think they could have made her features a lot softer and a lot more feminine instead of the hallow and indented cheeks they gave her in her splash art. I think she’s a very underrated character who can be very deadly under the right hands (believe me, I’ve seen a Soraka 1v2 a Garen and Xin Zhao and double kill them in a lane) as well as very effective for team fights. She may not be as excellent of a support as Sona, but she still has her place as a burst healer, silencer and you gotta love her MR reduction stacking.

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Ezreal and Taric – Double Rainbow

First post and of course it has to come to something like this. I just need to clarify some things. If there is a Taric and Ezreal on the team, Ezreal should never mid. Even if the other members are Rammus, Tryndamere and Poppy it should never happen. Only noobs would force Ezreal to mid in such a situation. Why? Because Taric and Ezreal in a duo lane is a match made in heaven. Taric has all the healing that Ezreal will ever need to continually allow Ezreal to be annoying to his heart’s desire. If Ezreal is hungry, Taric will get him fed.

Garen in the bush? No problem. Ezreal can facecheck it as long as Taric is at his side. Besides, if Ezreal and Taric were laning, Garen will be the one afraid to check the bush while they are in there.

Taric’s gems and Ezreal’s energy beams lead for one magnificent double rainbow that will dominate any lane, any time, any where.

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