Ezreal and Taric – Double Rainbow

First post and of course it has to come to something like this. I just need to clarify some things. If there is a Taric and Ezreal on the team, Ezreal should never mid. Even if the other members are Rammus, Tryndamere and Poppy it should never happen. Only noobs would force Ezreal to mid in such a situation. Why? Because Taric and Ezreal in a duo lane is a match made in heaven. Taric has all the healing that Ezreal will ever need to continually allow Ezreal to be annoying to his heart’s desire. If Ezreal is hungry, Taric will get him fed.

Garen in the bush? No problem. Ezreal can facecheck it as long as Taric is at his side. Besides, if Ezreal and Taric were laning, Garen will be the one afraid to check the bush while they are in there.

Taric’s gems and Ezreal’s energy beams lead for one magnificent double rainbow that will dominate any lane, any time, any where.

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