Charm Idea – Soraka

So this is an idea I had awhile ago but it will certainly take me awhile. I recently found a place that can print out laser printed hard plastic laminated charms for relatively cheap. I’ve made a lot of charms in the past for cell phones, backpacks and such, because it is the best way to make a lot of different designs of one subject matter and still be able to sell a lot of them, as opposed to prints or a poster. From my past experience, prints typically do not sell as well because to the average convention goer, they want something they can have every day use for as opposed to put something in their notebook. In the past, I have done sets of Nintendo characters as well as all the Disney Princesses. Though it will certainly take me awhile (as there are more characters than all the designs I have done in the past) I intend to make League of Legends ones with all of the champions. As much as I love the champions that are released every two weeks, haha, it will certainly make things take a little bit longer.

It is a project I am excited for, though., The quality will be a lot higher, but certainly the production cost as well. In the past I sold charms for about one dollar each because production cost me about ten cents, but because of the production cost I am thinking of selling them for about $5-7 dollars each. They would be printed an inch tall to an inch and a half tall. So we’ll see just how many of these I can get through and if the idea actually picks up. Even if it isn’t something that I can make money off of, it’ll still be a long and interesting project that will cause me to challenge my art to conform them all into one simplified style from Cho’gath to Teemo to Tryndamere.

So the first of my designs is Soraka. (See she can be cute). Maybe not as busty as the other ladies in the League, but I have always been intrigued by her design. My only qualm about it is I think they could have made her features a lot softer and a lot more feminine instead of the hallow and indented cheeks they gave her in her splash art. I think she’s a very underrated character who can be very deadly under the right hands (believe me, I’ve seen a Soraka 1v2 a Garen and Xin Zhao and double kill them in a lane) as well as very effective for team fights. She may not be as excellent of a support as Sona, but she still has her place as a burst healer, silencer and you gotta love her MR reduction stacking.

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