Charm – Annie

Well, finished another one and I have two more sketches on the way that I just need to finish up. I’m really excited with how fast these sketches have been coming out.

Either way, here’s Annie, the Dark Child. I have to say that while I am not in love with Annie’s model, I adore her character design. The creepy, evil little girl who can nuke you to death has always been appealing. However, if given the choice I would prefer another mage as Annie, I feel, does not scale well during the game. True, she definitely packs that punch early game but I always try to go for characters that scale better, because when push comes to shove and its that 70 minute game, that’s when it counts.

However, I absolutely adore Annie. She’s a very good starting character and I always suggest her to a lot of friends starting out, she’s a lot of fun in concept and spells, not to mention it allows you to master combos and one of the easiest in the game, as well as timing her stuns and learning how to last hit with her Q. Overall, she’s a great character.

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