LoLgg. is a fan-made blog that discusses League of Legends through short posts but predominantly through art by fellow summoner Master Loki. It will cover comics and jokes of the League of Legends world and online community, as well as drawings of your favorite champions, designs of suggested skins along with pin up art and illustrations.

Suggestions of topics to be covered as well as skins to be drawn or anything else will be highly appreciated and considered. Be sure to leave a comment or e-mail!

Name: Master Loki (Keziah)

Email: maestroloki@yahoo.com

Class: Chicken Raptor

Occupation: Nursing Student / Graphic Designer / Freelance Artist / Dinosaur Wrangler

Hobbies: Art / Comic / Design, Theatre, Video Games, Comic Reading, Piano, Roleplaying (War Hammer Fantasy Roleplay)

Games: League of Legends, Resident Evil 5, Left for Dead 2

Weakness: Milk Tea, Frozen Yogurt, Honey Nut Cheerios, Weeaboos

Favorite Comics: Hanna is not a Boy’s Name, Mokepon, Blacksad, Fables, Y: The Last Man

Main Champions: Rammus, Nunu, Galio (Tanks YO)

Role Models: Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshi

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